Data Conversion

We provides comprehensive Data Conversion Services to our clients using a rich pool of human resources and the latest technologies. The need for data conversion is essential for any organization to run their business effectively.

Data Conversion can be defined as the translation of data from one format to another. Data stored in an old system is imported into a new database. Data Conversion can range from a simple one for one import to a complex procedure where non-relational data needs to be imported, validated, cleansed, and split up into multiple tables in a new relational database structure.

We are one of the leading data entry companies in India, provides comprehensive data entry services and data Conversion solutions to its clients using a rich pool of human resources and the latest technologies like high-speed scanners and data processors to convert data from one format to another. Besides converting your files, we will also meet your exact formatting needs through the multi-level process. The company focuses on technological innovation. We have pioneered a number of breakthroughs in device size, power consumption, measurement fidelity, and data throughput.

We have the expertise and capacity to handle your most complex, time-critical and cost-sensitive dataentry and data conversion projects. In addition, we can help you to clearly define your conversion requirements and develop the appropriate conversion methods.

We provides a collection of links to utilities for the conversion of software data. Data entry process converts PDF, word processors, typesetters, all kinds of document formats, and paper into XML, SGML, HTML, and other structured formats.

Our extensive range of expertise includes:

  • E- Book Conversion.
  • Data Conversion in specified MS Office formats.
  • OCR Data From Scanned page.
  • High speed large volume Image-Scanning and Data Capturing Services.
  • Conversion from paper or E-file to Multiple formats.
  • Scan & OCR paper Book in to CD.
  • Conversion of data across various databases on different platforms.
  • Convert Raw Data into MS Office (MS-Word, MS-Excel).
  • Data conversion from MS word to HTML format.
  • Conversion from PDF format to Word format.
  • Conversion from Word to HTML format.
  • HTML Files Form PDF files OCR clean up.
  • Data Conversion for databases, word processors, spreadsheets, and many other standard and custom-made software packages as per requirement.

By converting your data, we fine-tune your document conversion strategy, eliminate document redundancy, identify metadata, and prepare legacy and future documents for real present and future needs. We allow you to select output variables and control their storage types, allow case selection and random sampling, and provide a variety of options to let you tailor Stat/Transfer to match your needs and the nature of your data.

Our experts and enthusiastic staff are dedicated to provide complete and accurate data entry and Data Conversion Services to our worldwide customers at lowest possible cost and within the deadline.

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